Drive Nightclub, Kumasi

A female reader writes:

Last night I and some volunteer friends went to a nightclub at the
Golden Tulip in Kumasi called Drive. While there one of us was
harassed and eventually sexually assaulted by a man on the dance
floor. When we informed the bouncer the man was brought out and
questioned then allowed to return inside. We were told that he “owned”
the club.

As a young female living in Ghana I am very used to unwanted
attention, but never in my life have I seen an establishment ignore
and allow such behavior. This club is very unsafe, especially for
females. I just want this information known by as many people visiting
the Kumasi area so that other females don’t find themselves in a
similar situation and because I believe an establishment that allows
such behavior does not deserve the business of the expat and tourist

I hope that this is helpful and that it can be used to help keep
visitors of Kumasi safer.


One thought on “Drive Nightclub, Kumasi

  1. Nana kofi says:

    The drive is a safe and classy night club every adult should go and experience the atmosphere and boogie down to the nice sounds played. Miss madam pls I’ve been there with females and were safely guarded. So am sorry madam i think wat u r saying or written is a complete LIE

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