Larabanga trip report

Jim writes:

Last January I experienced a lamentable stop off at Larabanga, having enjoyed a tour round Mole National Park. I was with a small group of friends from a social enterprise company based in Wa, which possibly has a more interesting and genuine mosque and even they were embarrassed by the villagers disappointing behaviour. On arrival we were mobbed by aggressive guides, the children greedy and annoying with their constant pestering (I imagine them hugely spoilt by over generous US visitors).
A village youth began to tell us the local history, most of which I found widely unbelievable, when the discordant, poorly amplified and overloud electronic call to prayer began. Despite this, the history lesson continued and I realised we wouldn’t be permitted to enter the mosque so moved away to protect my sensitive hearing and sanity.
This is a cynical and blatant grab for money, disrespectful to the visitor, the village and Islam.

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