Canopy walk at Bunso Arboretum

John Ginsburg writes:

I just went to the Bunso Arboretum, where a canopy walk was completed in early May 2014. It has 5 bridges (to the 7 at Kakum National Park), but they have plans for 4 more. Cost is 30 cedis for foreigners to do the canopy walk, which is on top of the 5 cedi charge for the nature walk. Guides were great, both for nature walk and canopy walk. They only sell drinks, and the guest house has not been functioning for some time.


3 thoughts on “Canopy walk at Bunso Arboretum

    • philipbriggs says:

      Hi Fiorenza, Bunso Arboretum is in fact already covered (and indexed) in the book, with details of how to get there, on page 339 of the 6th edition…

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