Trip report (March 2014)

Kira writes:

PAGA: we were introduced to Thomas, a money changer by immigration.  The guy was correct & trusted by immigration; we changed both euros & CFA with him at a good rate.  The other money changers were not! 026 77 55 926 or 024 95 33 596
Stayed at Kubs Lodge for GhC30 in a double fan room with a shared bathroom, their food was excellent (& they were thrilled to see themselves included in Bradt!)
TAMALE: Returned after 7 years to the same room at Las Hotel, nothing had changed, I didn’t dare look at the mattress.  It was 30GhC a night (strange ‘unisex’ fee of an extra 12GhC in some cases?)
The Chinese restaurant above it also hadn’t changed, very good food & service for excellent prices!
Africa World Airlines are an excellent company (worked with them on a professional basis as well as a passenger) & we flew to Accra for 100GhC each from Tamale; they also fly to Kumasi & Lagos from their Accra base. Beware however that their payment page does NOT work, despite entering credit card details into it! – 
Road from Agona Junction to Elubo (CI border) is undergoing a massive project by the Chinese who have ripped it up.  I last used this road 8 months ago & nothing prepared me for the nightmare journey!  It’s now a sea of mud or red dust … & I believe it will be some time before it’s totally finished.


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