April 2014 trip report

David writes:



Clarisse: You might consider adding this Accra restaurant located near Trashy Bags to your list. It is French-influenced, its menu offers a change of pace from the standard fare, it is inexpensive, and quite popular with young expats. Like the Rotary Club in Ho, no utensils are provided. It is quite literally a hole in the wall, located down a dirt street with large holes and no lights.



Page 221: “CouCou” is the correct spelling of the restaurant referred to as “Couscous.” The owner asked how we knew about her place, and remembered your visit.

Page 305: There is no longer a VIP or VVIP service between Accra and Ho.

Page 308-309: The Rotary Club in Ho serves good food at a low price. You need not be a Rotarian to go there.

Page 309: Chances Hotel in Ho has a pool.

Page 357: Antrak no longer flies between Tamale and Kumasi.

Page 359: Gina’s Kitchen across the street from Four Villages Inn in Kumasi is now just a chop bar serving only banku and fried rice.

Page 359: Four Villages Inn is, in fact, terrific. We took a well worthwhile tour of the surrounding area with Chris Scott, the Canadian expat owner who has some interesting perspectives on Ghana. On page 367, you mentioned that Four Villages offers guide service for the market, and we found that having Comfort with us during our several hour visit was invaluable.

Page 359: Unlike almost any other restaurant we visited, Sir Max in Kumasi attracts smokers—both hookah and cigarette.
Mole National Park

Page 432: The Mole Motel will arrange for long drive taxis so it is possible to avoid both the 4 a.m. bus to Tamale and going back to Tamale.

Page 433: It is very unlikely that the Zaina Mole Lodge will be open in 2014. When we visited the park in late March, only the foundations had been laid.

Page 434-435: Our Mole National Park guide knew nothing about birds or trees and was only concerned about not exceeding the time allotted for the walking and driving tours. Nonetheless, we would certainly recommend the walking tour in particular.

A few observations not tied to specific pages of the sixth edition:

Readers should be warned about the possibility of contracting elephantitis, a horrible disfiguring disease transmitted by mosquitos. In Elmina, we saw several people who had the disease. This danger is yet another reason to take precautions against mosquito bites.

Taxis: In addition to establishing the fare in advance, it is worthwhile to ask the driver whether he actually knows how to get to the destination. We found that the maps in the guidebook were not useful to the drivers because they were uncomfortable using maps. They greatly prefer asking someone for directions and/or calling a friend to ask for directions. Of course, we found that some drivers who said that they knew how to get to the destination did not really know. By the way, we did find the maps quite useful.

Thanks again for all of your fine work. Having your guidebook with us certainly enhanced our experience.

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