Muggings in Cape Coast

Laura writes:

Could you please let people know there is an absolute spate of muggings in Cape Coast? It’s generally when people are walking away from Oasis beach club at night. Initially the advice was to avoid the poorly lit road that parallels the beach and castle, and to stick to the streets through town, but people have been robbed at machete-point there too. I’ve heard of/met several people in the last 3 days alone.

I suspect that there’s a shrewd idea around the area about who is responsible, but nothing has actually been done. In any case, tourists should under NO circumstances walk alone at night, or even walk only with other tourists – either ask a couple of locals to see you home or take a taxi, even just the few steps to Baobab for example. It might also help to make it clear to tourist-centered businesses that this is going to have a negative effect on tourism in Cape Coast, since the authorities don’t seem terribly fussed about the situation at the moment!


One thought on “Muggings in Cape Coast

  1. James says:

    Laura, it might be helpful to post this information on the Lonely Planet Thorn Tree (Ghana) site. I think it is seen by quite a lot of travellers to Ghana, and they should certainly be aware of this problem.

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