News from Kwahu Tafo

Humphrey Barclay of the Kwahu Tafo Progress Council has kindly sent me the following updates & additions to the 6th edition text for the Kwahu Plateau
1.  Page 346: An important new development is that Kwahu Tafo Progress Council is working with the family of the God Bruku (or Buruku) to restrict unguided wandering over its sacred slopes (insult to the culture of the place, graffiti on the rock, damage by attempts to rope-climb even) and have instituted properly guided tours which begin at the shrine where libation is poured to show respect to the traditions of the site (please click here to see the full PDF for the Bruku Experience).
2.  Page 346: Adowso is reached not by  a ‘wild descent road’ but by an excellent tarmac road which runs from Mpraeso through Kwahu Tafo. The tarmac ends at Adowso, so the worthwhile continuation to Asubone and other places along the shore of the lake is on a pretty rough track which in parts may defeat anything that is not a 4WD.
3.  Page 346: the (very good) restaurant at the filling station at the approach to Adawso seems to have closed. We all hope it may re-open.
4.  Another lakeside village worth seeing is Kotoso, some 7 miles from Kwahu Tafo on a different road from the Adowso Road (you leave the town keeping Bruku on your right as opposed to your left. Ask in town). Kotoso is reached by a tarmac road, which descends through some spectacular hanging-rock views (thronged with tiny scarlet birds if you are lucky), and is worth visiting early on Tuesday and Friday mornings for its fish and produce market on the shore.
5.  The map on 332 is misleading in that the road to Adawso goes right through Kwahu Tafo.

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