New rates for Four Villages, Kumasi

Charity and Chris Scott of Four Villages write:

It’s happened! Electricity rates have just jumped 78% and water rates regrettably, we, at Four Villages Inn, Kumasi, the #1 B and B on the Trip Advisor site, are forced to raise our room rates which we’ve managed to keep the same since July 2010 when the commercial electricity rates jumped 130%.

New single rate US$90.00 or Ghana cedi equivalence.

New double rate US$100 or Ghana cedi equivalence…

Family of 3 rate:  US$110 or Ghana cedi equivalence, extra person US$10….

Three adults sharing: US$120 or Ghana cedi equivalence, extra person US$20…

Al rates include full breakfast, free wireless internet & the 1% Tourism Levy, but exclude the 15% VAT.

New rates in effect October 1, 2013 and subject to change.



One thought on “New rates for Four Villages, Kumasi

  1. madinghana says:

    Thanks, Philip.

    Incidentally, now I’m in Istanbul; but don’t tell anybody, as I don’t want to be headed off at the pass when returning to Ghana on Wednesday….hee, hee



    Best wishes,

    Charity and Chris Scott, Hosts 233-(0)3220-22682 233-(0)20-7667559


    Sent from my iPad


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