Volta ferry from Akosombo to Kete Kretchi

Kai writes:

We took the volta ferry “Yapei Queen” in Juy 2013 from Akosombo to Kete Kretchi. It starts every Monday around 4.30 pm at the landing in Akosombo. The port lies about 10 minutes from the city “center” and there’s not much around it. However, we arrived some hours in advance to secure tickets – a precaution that turned out not to be necessary (at least for this time of the year and for normal tickets). There are two first class cabins (we heard they cost around 40 cedis) that are located on the upper deck. However, we didn’t stay there. The only insight we gained was a moldy smell when the door briefly opened.

“Normal” tickets cost around 12 cedis. Once on board, you can choose between a bench in a crowded “dorm” on the lower or first deck or put your blankets on the roofed, but open top deck. Ghanaian travelers definitely prefered the inside dorms. To us, the top deck was more appealing. However, take some warm clothes and blankets with you – it gets cold during the night! During the trip, food is provided by a small kitchen, cold beverages included. Bathrooms are located on each deck. The one on the top deck was okay, however also used by the crew.

Contrary to previous information, the ferry has stopped touching at Kpando – also during rainy season. The first stop after 15 hours is hence Kete Kretchi. The latter is not really covered by the guide book. To travel onwards, take a Tro to the better connected town of Dambai (about 2 1/2 hours) – be patient! In order to reach the Station at Dambai, you have to take another ferry (1 cedi per person) to cross an arm of the Volta. After Kete Kretchi, the “Yapei Queen” continues to its final stop at Yeji. We heard it usually takes another 15 hours to get there.

All in all, the trip is adventurous, but definitely worth it: the ferry passes small islands under a magnificent sky full of stars. You can see the landscape changing as you head further north. The air is so refreshing and it is a great feeling to slow down on your travel pace.

2 thoughts on “Volta ferry from Akosombo to Kete Kretchi

    • Kai says:

      Hey Elizabeth,
      sorry for the late response – I just saw your question today. I’m pretty sure that it’s possible – however, I don’t know the time and date of departure of the yapei queen from Kete-Kretchi. It’s always best to ask your way around. Good luck! 🙂

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