Graham’s trip report

Graham Douglas has sent me the following updates:



The STC terminal on Ring Road is still there but no buses, perhaps they have all been moved to the other one near Tudu station ?

There is another bus terminal for Benin, on the road towards Achimota from Nkrumah Circle, a few hundred yards on the left in an area called Carprice.

The City Garden restaurant is on the other side of Ring Road near Barclays. The have 2 menus, an orange one for Ghanaians and a purple one for foreigners, according to the waitress ! Difference is that everything is double price.Better use the one where you have Honest Chef, called Wok something.

Barclays only change TCs at the branch on High Street, and now only up to 150 pounds per visit.

Baseline Jazz Club is now called +233 , very good. Byewells was rubbish when we went , might as well have been a DJ.

You mention Eclipse bar on you map but it should be in Mompotsie rd, which is parallel, it is also a good budget hotel. (0302257263and there is a very good cybercafe opposite, with air-con.

The White Bell was good until my last visit when I asked for 2 separate dishes, and they put small amounts of each on the same plate but still charged for 2 dishes. Arguing proved fruitless.


The Emancipation Beach is a great place to chill, before getting back on the road. Driving is psychopathic, and gets far worse in Togo and Benin along the coast. Next time I come I will avoid the coast altogether and cross from Honuta to Kpalime.

Try the Highlander Hotel , not far from the garden entrance – and not to be confused with the Oylander.

Barclays won’t change ANY money except for their own customers only one that does is Stanbic and then won’t take CFA. Couldn’t find a Forex either.

The Forex here will change CFA. The Adomi Hotel is now very rundown and not cheap. First room they showed me had filthy toilet and broken washbasin, when I moved I asked them to change the blue lamp for a white one and she said “just swap it with the bathroom light” ! Wires falling off the walls.

The reception centre is where you say but about 1 or 2 Km before the police barrier. The taxi driver took me to the barrier and I then had to go back. Entrance fee is now 5 Cedis but you also have to pay at least 15 Cedis for another car to take you and the guide there. Luckily I was able to split this with another traveller. The tour is very superficial, so I don’t know who gave it a rave review. They don’t allow access to the turbine room either so really all you get is a chance to take a couple of photos ad hear a few basic facts that you can surely find on the web.


Phone numbers are out of date for the Garden Hotel/Restaurant,0546392850. This is a much quieter option than Big Millys, but the music is excellent still at Milly’s and so popular now, it looks set to be the next Goa.

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