Some coastal updates

Hans writes:

In november and december of last year I made a trip along the coast of Ghana.
Your guide was excellent and much of a help.
Here some of our experiences.

Accra: The Samartine Hotel cannot be recommended. You have to pay upfront for the whole period you want to stay – in my case six days. It took me one and an hour by taxi and at least 30 cedi to get into the center of Accra (and the same amount of time and money to get back). After three days I moved to a hotel in Central Accra, without getting any money back.

Beyin: The Beyin Beach Resort is excellent. Beautiful location, very quiet and the food is not only terrific but also cheap.

Elmina: The Stumble Inn is a great place to stay. It is run by a Dutch couple who is great and the rest of the staff is very friendly. And I had the best lobster in my life!

A warning: when I wanted to use a videocamera in the Elmina Castle I had to pay 200 (two hundred) cedi. That’s outrageous in my opinion. I protested but the price was on an official(?) list on the wall of the ticketcounter. A photocamera is 20 cedi. In the Cape Coast Castle I saw the same pricelist.

3 thoughts on “Some coastal updates

  1. mark says:

    Thanks for your post and updates. Do I misunderstand the location of the Samartiine? On Google it looks to be near the Mokola Market, a mile or so from the center. Is that incorrect?


      • mark harfenist says:

        Thanks, Phil. I was asking Hans, but I see that’s not the way things work here.

        Initially I made the mistake of searching for the street address in Accra, rather than in Kwabenya where the hotel is actually located. I now see that the hotel is located ten or twelve miles from the city itself, and would definitely not be convenient. If you had business in town. It’s not too far from the university.


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