Salmarise Hotel, North Legon, Accra

I’d like to recommend the Salmarise Hotel in North Legon, for those wishing to stay at a hotel near the University of Ghana.

The Salmarise Hotel (20 Kofi Annan Road, North Legon) has clean rooms with en-suite, hot water and air-conditioning. Wifi is sometimes available, and it is free. Rates include breakfast and they have a restaurant that serves typical Ghanaian fare for lunch and supper (12 GHS for chicken, 15 GHS for fish). The staff is sweet and the location is great for those who need to stay close to the U of Ghana. Rates are 53 GHS for a single bed, 72 GHS for a double, and 93 GHS for an executive suite. They currently have 6 single, 6 double and 4 executive suites, and are expanding the hotel to add more rooms and a conference centre by next year (maybe). Taxi drivers from the airport will not know how to get to the hotel, so carry their phone number with you: +233 (0) 302 520730; +233 (0) 24 9219564. Taxis from the airport should cost 10 GHS and no more than 15 GHS, but I’ve had drivers try to charge me 35, so be prepared to haggle.




3 thoughts on “Salmarise Hotel, North Legon, Accra

    • philipbriggs says:

      Well we’re not responsible for google maps, I just post information as it is sent to me by readers.

      But I have just googled the hotel and these are the contact details as listed by the University of Ghana in July 2012, though (surprise, surprise) the website listed doesn’t work…

      20 Kofi Annan Avenue, North-Legon
      Phone No.:
      +233 (0) 302 520730; +233 (0) 24 9219564
      No. of Rooms
      6 Standard; 6 Double; 4 Executive
      Room Types & Rates
      Standard: $ 40; Double: $ 60; Executive: $ 80
      (Breakfast inclusive)Internet (Cable/ Wireless)

  1. joe says:

    The place is real nice, situated in a quiey neighbourhoud while it can tale someone a few minutes walk to a market place. While in Accra was tempted to take a evening walk to a nearby market sputhwards and got lost. I hired a taxi on my way out back to the hote. It was getting late and had forgotten the exactly address to the Hotel. Thanks to google, through my blackberry, supported by airtel Tanzania, I managed to get the street address 20 Kofi Annan Road, North Legon)from the message by Liette!. All the way after a long search, I managed to get to Salmarise Hotel.


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