JayNii, Jamestown

I just explored Jamestown a few weeks ago with the intent on visiting JayNii. Signs for the restaurant were in abundance, but my guide – a Jamestown native – said the restaurant was no longer in business, though Jay and Nii were still offering other services to visitors, such as dance lessons. I did not verify this information myself, but I wanted to pass it along. I was definitely disappointed, especially after reading their lovely story in the Bradt guide.

I’m working in Accra for 3 months and couldn’t be happier with the Bradt guide, it has been a wonderful companion, thank you for all the hard work everyone does to keep it updated.



One thought on “JayNii, Jamestown

  1. Charity Ndekye says:

    You are right Philip, I just visited the scene at the Jaynii beach resort. It is bright by day and full of colour and creativity by night. A different atmosphere I have not found anywhere in Ghana. A vibrant, awesome sight to see and indeed best in the whole of Accra if not Ghana.
    I look forward to joining the next Jaynii cultural festival

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