Jo’s Chop, Kokrobite

I’d really like to recommend a fabulous place to eat .   It is Jo’s Chop in Kokrobite, placed conveniently close to the entrance to beach at the crossroads of Big Milly’s.  His food is probably the best street food I have eaten in Ghana in a year, in particular the fried egg sandwiches with kelewele.  You always get service with a smile and he is a gracious and charming young man.  It does sometimes take awhile to get your order so its good to plan ahead and order before you are hungry as he does like to chat!  But it is so worth the wait.  Great value 3CD fried rice and you don’t need to eat for the rest of the day!



4 thoughts on “Jo’s Chop, Kokrobite

  1. prince tyson joe(aka the rice master) says:

    The best street food ever….The rice master chop you can also get some breakfast like sunnyside up egg with carmelizld onion and cheese sandwich or boneless chicken Fried rice oh do you want to try the Chinese noodles with assorted vegetable or beef and chicken…..



  2. tine says:

    I have been there like every weekend during my time in Ghana and I love it! The best fried rice in town we even ordered it for our good bye party and everybody was so happy about it. Go there, enjoy the delicious food, the nice place and of course the super friendly rice master Jo:))

  3. Kathy says:

    Jo’s chop is the best street food in Ghana and the kelewele egg sandwiches are legendary…in fact they are so good I can eat two of them. If ever you get to kokrobite go there you will not be disappointed….

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