News from Green Ranch, Lake Bosomtwe

We would like to update some information regarding. the activities and services offered by the Green Ranch.

First of all, accomodation is now available for our horses’friends in a mud-brick tatched-roofed bungalow and costs 30 GhC for one person and 25 Ghc per person from 2 up to 4 persons including breakfast. Full boarding is available for an extra GhC 20 (excluding drinks) and includes a local food lunch plus a 3-course dinner.

The Green Ranch vegetarian table proposes not only an amazing view over the lake and mountains but also some very personal delights such as natural drinks, a wide range of salads and of course, its homemade yogurts and cottage cheese. All our food is meant to be made of highly quality local produce (i.e. Volta brown rice, peanut butter…) together with our organic home-grown vegetable when available.

And of course, the horse-back rides…………you will have to experience it to know what it is like to ride around the whole lake in a ….9-hour-journey that takes you into the local cocoa farms, up to the thick bush of the mountain, down to the waterside jungle and through the stoney 22 villages that are located around the lake. Oh yes ! it is a unique experience indeed !

Our prices are now such :
First hour starts at GhC 30
Additional half hour GhcC 15
Extra hours GhC 25
Around the lake (advanced booking only) GhC 150

Thank you,

The Green Ranch Family

+233 20 29 17 058 and +233 20 35 34 870


16 thoughts on “News from Green Ranch, Lake Bosomtwe

  1. Chelsea says:

    I visited the Green Ranch at Lake Bosomtwe twice during my two-month stay in Ghana. The ranch is the most peaceful place I have ever been. The family there offers exceptional service. I cannot say how delicious and perfect the meals were. The horseriding was also exceptional, and she makes it that anyone can ride – from beginners to the experienced. Cost for food, lodging, and horseriding is more than reasonable. When I travel back to Ghana, this will definitely be a place I will return to.

  2. SKIM says:

    I can’t recommend the Green Ranch enough! They definitely have the best horseback riding in Ghana because of the quality of the horses, the scenic riding, and hospitality of the family and staff. Their costs are also reasonable, especially for the lake. I first went in July while I was volunteering in Cape Coast for three months. I enjoyed it so much, and it was such a perfectly peaceful getaway, that I made sure to return in August right before I left. It was also the only place in Ghana where I wasn’t bitten by mosquitoes and could drinking their running water–a definite oasis! It is really easy to get to from Cape Coast, and Elodie and Kojo made sure that my travel was comfortable and safe before and after my visit to their ranch. The accommodations are great, and the food is terrific even for non-vegetarians like me. Elodie is a very experienced and knowledgeable horsewoman, so the horses are very well-taken care of, which is clear in how healthy, happy, and friendly they are. They are also well-trained and surefooted, so they can be ridden by both beginners and more advanced riders. Lake Bosomtwe is so beautiful and so unique from other sights in Ghana and Africa in general so, I highly recommend the full day ride around the entire lake. We went through villages, bush, the lakeside, and I especially loved going through the canopies of cocoa trees. I did the around-the-lake ride on both of my visits, and they were great rides each time. I’ll definitely come back when I return to Ghana!

  3. Abena says:

    Thanks to the Bradht Ghana Update, I found very useful information about the Green Ranch at Lake Bosumtwi and visited it for a weekend in August. I really loved the entire experience. The ranch is in a beautiful location overlooking Lake Bosumtwi and the lodgings, food and hospitality were exceptional.

    I did the trek around the lake, which was a truly amazing experience. We went through the 22 villages surrounding the lake, as well as the beautiful forests, cocoa, corn, plantain, casava, avocado and many other farms. I would not consider myself to have much horse riding experience – but Elodie helped me along the way and the horses were wonderful!

    I would highly recommend the Green Ranch to anyone who wants to see the lake in an extraordinary way and experience excellent food, accommodation and friendliness from all at the Green Ranch.

  4. Summer says:

    I initially went to the Green Ranch for horse back riding then couldn’t resist staying for lunch, which was so nice to get a home cooked healthy delicious meal. As luck had it I had some plans to change and an extra night to stay at Lake Bosumtwi so I decided to stay at The Green Ranch. It was such a nice experience another lovely dinner, comfortable bed/clean room and fresh breakfast with a breathtaking view. The Green Ranch family were so nice and welcoming. It really felt like home away from home. I cannot recommend it enough!

  5. Marie et Brice says:

    We were living in Ghana for a year in Kumasi and of course we heard of the Green Ranch ! Elodie and Kodzo are so welcoming 🙂 Going to their comfy cottage is ideal for a peaceful and relaxing time : choose between horse ridding and kayaking and then enjoy a healthy meal at the family table.

  6. Mimi says:

    If you ever have a chance to visit Elodie’s Green Ranch at Lake Bosomtwe, do not hesitate! I spent wonderful days here. One of the most unforgettable memories is a delicious vegetarian dinner (table végétable) Elodie prepared during full moon. From the terrace of the Green Ranch you have an amazing view over the lake. Attracted by the curiosity to go on horseback for the first time in my life, Elodie’s horses allowed for a great experience. The rides along the lake were very peaceful and adventurous. I’m already looking forward to my next trip to Ghana – and I’ll make sure to visit the Green Ranch again!

  7. Andrew Julia Stoff says:

    I highly recommend the Green Ranch for anyone who is looking for a wonderful and relaxing horseback experience. My friend and I left our small children with our husbands for the morning while we embarked on a 3 hour ride that took us part way around the lake. Even though we were beginners, Elodie made us feel confident with her excellent instructions, and her love of her beautiful horses was infectious! The ride took us through small fishing villages, past schools with excited children madly waving at us, through plantain orchards, down to the waters edge and even into the water, which the horses absolutely loved! Elodie’s knowledge of the area, the vegetation, the people and Ghana itself provides for informative and interesting conversation as you ride. The only downside for us was that we had to be back in Accra that same day and couldn’t stay for a meal, however, before we rode, we were offered some lovely homemade cold mint tea which was so refreshing on a hot day! All in all, my friend and I had an amazing experience which we would highly recommend to anyone, thank you Elodie and the Green Ranch for allowing us to experience Ghana from horseback!

  8. Martine says:

    I visited the Green Ranch last October. I did the ‘around the lake ride’ and it was one of my best experencies so far; you get to see a lot of different landscapes and it is very special to go through an African village on a horse back. I will never forget it. Also the accomodation is amazing; the appartment is beautiful , the owner extremely friendly, good and healthy food and a beautiful spot. I would highly recommend to visit the Green Ranch; the horsebackriding is definitely a once in a lifetime experience and the Ranch itself offers a great location, good quality food and very friendly staff.

  9. Michelle says:

    The Green Ranch was a superb experience. Fantastic variety of delicious vegatarian food; rustic and relazing lodging, great lake view, and an unsurpassed horse-back riding adventure! A MUST to anyone’s Ghana trip! I left feeling like family!

  10. Caroline says:

    A nice discover!
    The guesthouse of Elodie and Kojo is really a nice discover in Ghana. Excellent break for a weekend out of Kumasi. The Green ranch is magnificient and the landscape from the bedrooms is awesome. It feels like home! Elodie and Kojo are very well coming. You will eat very good local food.
    We didn’t try the horse riding but there are very nice walks and swimming in the lac is possible.
    We highly recommand a stay in their place.

  11. Nicandlaura says:

    A fabulous place for relaxing in beautiful and peaceful surroundings, the glistening lake at sunrise and the fisherman pulling in their nets whilst balancing on a plank! The rooms are well-considered and probably the most luxurious we have stayed in and the food equally delicious introducing us to new local ingredients that really tickled your taste buds. Well-recommended and the horse riding can be as much or as little as you want, whatever you choose you will be well looked after. Enjoy!

  12. Grant says:

    Had a fantastic time at the Green Ranch! From the enthusiastic greeting I received from Elodie when I arrived right the way through to the farewell hug, this was a trip definately worth making!

    Set off from Kumasi on a Sunday afternoon, arriving it time to watch the sunset over beautiful Lake Bosomtwe! The view from the terrace outside the room and the communal terrace were spectacular! Dinner by the stars with no lights from elsewhere and just the moon’s reflection was perfect, coupled with great vegetarian food, great wine (the nicest I had in Ghana) and even better company with Elodie joining us!

    on the Monday Elodie and I embarked on the big loop around the lake. Setting off at 8:30 and returning at 7:30, this was an all day extravaganza! Galaxy, my trusty steed, was patient, trustworthy and delightful! Having never ridden before,under Elodie’s careful instructions, I managed not to fall all day! Going through plantations, water and villages not accessed by cars really provided a view to Ghana not seen by many.

    The day ended with a celebratory beer and another delightful meal.

    A must do if you go to Kumasi!

  13. Chris says:

    We had a wonderful day at Green Ranch with our three children. Elodie and her horses we so gentle the children felt very comfortable despite not being very experienced riders. After a lovely ride, we enjoyed the fabulous views from the house. I can’t recommend Green Ranch highly enough for a day out from Kumasi. You can also find Green Ranch by searching in google maps.

  14. Jessica says:

    Had a really relaxing stay at June 2013 at the Green Ranch! -thanks to this website I found out about the Ranch- I stayed almost a week, learning a bit the first steps in horseback riding. Eating delicious and healthy food, reading a book while having a wonderful view on Lake Bosumtwe and walks around the lake. The rooms are really great value. I had a wonderful time, the owner of the Ranch, Elodie, is a very kind and caring person who makes you feel at home.

  15. Lintermans Els says:

    The Green Ranch is a great place to find some rest. It’s healing for mind and body. The healthy and so delicious food is amazing. Always fresh and creative and so much vegetables. The host is such a friendly woman and a great cook. You can also experience some adventure with the horse riding. The horses are very well trained. It’s an unforgettable experience and I recommend it to everyone!

  16. Camilla and Auntie says:

    We went to The Green Ranch at Lake Bosomtwe here in August and we must admit to just being blown away! Not only it is located in the most beautiful area with the most amazing view, but the hospitality and the atmosphere is definitely worth a visit! The owners makes the place quite magical and you feel like a guest in a friend’s house! i is really relaxing and we would recommend it to everyone!

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