Coastal updates

We visited Anomabu on Trotro from Birawa Beach Resort Hotel in April 2012. The village is off the main road and is simple. The main reason was to see the ‘posuban’, which we achieved quite easily. Fort William is no longer a prison but is now a ‘youth centre’ with a (locked) library. As we approached the fort an eldery man asked if we would like to look around it. He showed us around for about an hour and tolds us of its history. It’s grim, especially to think that it was a prison up until 2000. As we were about to offer something for his time he asked for 15 cedi (there were 3 of us). It seemed very reasonable and we were very happy to give him the cash. As we left the village we were followed for a little distance by a happy and cheerful group of 5 year olds chanting and clapping ‘obruni’ . It made us laugh too!

Planters Lodge in Takoradi offers to accept US$ and GP£, but beware the exchange rate is out of date. We were offered 2.0 cedi/1 GB£. The bank rate is 2.77 cedi /1GB£. Daylight robbery!!

Green Turtle Beach Resort and Birawa Beach Resort Hotel both offer to accept GB£ at almost the going exchange rate.

Elaine Thorpe


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