Biriwa Beach Hotel

Whilst touring Ghana we stayed at a couple of very highly ranked hotels, part of a local chain, and also stayed at the Biriwa Beach Hotel near Cape Coast, a peaceful retreat on the hills above the beach, with lovely views. We had a lovely large room overlooking the bay, with simple but very comfortable European style furniture and homely soft furnishings. The pool was very relaxing, surrounded by lovely flowering shrubs and looking out toward the ocean. The staff were all very welcoming, very helpful, and attentive to all our requests in a warm and understanding manner. The food was absolutely delicious, and very inexpensive. I can honestly say that this was a far nicer experience and much more comfortable hotel than the large expensive chain resorts that we also stayed at in Elmina and Accra. It is located about 15 minutes from Cape Coast, so not much further than Elmina, and if you are looking for somewhere quiet and peaceful this is a wonderful place, certainly worth the potential extra taxi fare into Cape Coast for sightseeing trips, and walking along the quiet beach in the early morning or evening was a wonderful escape after the hustle and bustle of Cape Coast.

Lucinda Wright

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