Moon and Star Guesthouse, Banko

Patricia Zoer, owner of Moon and Star Guesthouse in Banko, has forwarded us the following information about the village and the guesthouse:

Banko is a small town in the middle of Ghana. It is easy to reach using local transportation from Kumasi. In about one hour you will get to Banko.
Banko is a typical Ghanaian village, there are about 5000 inhabitants. There are a number of stores in Banko where you can buy a variety of products.
The village is situated between beautiful mountains. It’s a very nice area for hiking and you can even climb some of the mountains.
Mainly thanks to Anja van der Valk’s Foundation there has been a lot of growth in social securities. There is a clinic, a maternity ward, an orphanage and good schools for the locals. The surrounding villages can also profit from these facilities.

Moon and Star Guesthouse is build just outside Banko.
We have 6 rooms (smallest is a single room, biggest a room with 2 double beds). We serve European and Continental dishes on our terrace with beautiful view. We also have a nice bar.
The guesthouse is runned by Patricia, a Dutch, who has been living in Ghana since 2010. If you are looking for a place where you can relax, eat great food, be yourself, enjoy nature, village life and a calm atmosphere, then Moon&Star is the place for you! And don’t forget: Friday is BBQ-time!!!

* Single room €7,50
* Room with double bed: €10
* Room with 2 double beds: €15

* Breakfast: €1,50
* Lunch: €2
* Diner: €4

Things to do in and around the village
* Climbing the holy mountain
* Going to farm with a local
* Workshop ‘Traditional cooking’
* Playing soccer with the local youth
* Seeing how the traditional kente cloth is made
* Hiking or cycling in the beautiful nature

Address and directions

Moon and Star Guesthouse
PO Box 298
Effiduasi, Ashanti
GPS coordinates: N 06° 55.988′ W 001° 23.469′
Phone: 00233543709331
For a reservation or more information go to:

Itinerary coming from Kumasi using local transport:
On Fuller road, nearby the gangway crossing the railway, you will find de tro tros to
Effiduasi. Get on a tro tro and go to the final destination, Effiduasi station. Here you will find shared taxis to Banko, their are signs on the taxis. Take a taxi to Banko. Once you arrive in banko you can ask the locals where Moon and Star Guesthouse or the house of the white people live is located.
If you are carrying a lot of luggage you can ask the driver to drive you to us, it’s a 10 minutes walk from the junction where the taxis usually stop.
In total this journey will cost about 4 GHcedis

Itenerary using your own transport:
Coming from Accra:
Take the road to Kumasi until you reach the Anita hotel about 35km before you reach Kumasi. Take a right turn here and at the end of that road turn right again towards Effiduase.
Coming from Kumasi:
Take the road to Accra until you reach Ejisu. In Ejisu you will take a left turn to Effiduasi, just after you passed the tro tro station and just before you’ll reach the Shell filling station.

Go to Effiduasi. Take a left turn when you reach the tro tro station. This is the road to a village called Oyoko. In Oyoko take the first road on your left to Akrofoso/Banko (N 06° 52.525’W 001° 23.178′).
This is a dirt road. The first village that you will pass is Bomeng, the next village is Akrofoso. After a few minutes you will see Bankoman Highschool on the right side of the road and 100 meters further on your left you will find Moon and Star Guesthouse.

6 thoughts on “Moon and Star Guesthouse, Banko

  1. Klaas says:

    I really can recommended this guest house.
    Patricia and their staff are very hospitable.
    Although Banko is a small town in Ghana, it is the ideal place to see the local Ghanaian life.
    It is also an ideal place to do volunteering in Ghana.

  2. Asabere Anni Kingsley says:

    Indeed Moon and Star Guest House is a place to be. Experiencing the serene and conducive environment for hiking, coupled with the local but nice life, you will not regret staying here. Make it a try.

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