Detailed accommodation and trip report

Thanks to Nitharshan Srikanthapalan for the wonderfully detailed report below:

Here’s some info from the trip I’ve just had in Ghana (1st – 27th March). Mainly involving prices although I think others have already provided a bit of an update on that front anyway…

FYI I rated each hotel out of 7 (likeart scale) so will provide those ratings as well:

1. Afrikiko’s (just outside Akosombo):
$75/85 single/dbl B&B
An adequate room, pool needed chlorine and lots of it – it was not at all clean. The setting was stunning and the food was very good.
Rating: 4

2. Bob Coffie (formerly Freedom Hotel in Ho):
70 cedis for a twin room (with huge beds) B&B
Room, pool and food all good. Setting was ok – it’s central, walkable from the market/lorry-park. We found the staff very friendly and with a sense of humour.
Rating: 6

If you’re staying elsewhere then using the pool at Bob Coffie is pretty pricey (compared to other hotels in Ghana) at a whopping 10 cedis.

We stopped in at Chances on the way – we found it lacking character and the staff seemed miserable and unhelpful. It had a corporate feel to it and we weren’t keen. It was 90 cedis for a twin.
Also, VIP hotel was nowhere near completion and looked like construction had stopped.

3. Tafi Atome Guest House
20 cedis per person (in a twin room) including breaksfast, dinner and the guided tour
No longer bucket showers – they have a poly-tank providing running (cold) water and flush toilets (although the flush wasn’t working so we had to throw buckets of water down them after, ahem, doing our business).
The room had a ceiling fan (that’s not mentioned in the guide).
Rating: 4 (although it was great value for money)

4. Wli Water Heights (near the falls):
45 cedis for a twin room with bathroom. (B&B)
35 cedis for a twin room with shared bathroom. (B&B)
Phone number had changed: 020 938 7176
Room was nice, there’s no pool, the setting was nice and the staff (particularly the owner) were very friendly. Food was outstanding.
Rating: 6

Big Food Safari Lodge has opened nearby. We didn’t get to see it but there are signs advertising it all over the place. The number is 020 788 2334. It’s worth noting that phone signal in the Wli area is pretty horrendous (I think there’s one network which had an ok signal there – which wasn’t MTN) so if you’re going to call them to book, do it in advance of leaving Hohoe.

5. Galaxy Lodge (in Hohoe):
50 cedis for a twin
The room had AC, a fridge and DSTV but we were disappointed with it:
bathroom door didn’t close, the towels were not what I’d call clean, neither were the sheets – one of which had holes and there was a dead cockroach under one of the beds. Breakfast was not included here but the quality of the breakfast that we ordered was reasonable.
We didn’t have dinner there.
Rating: 2

6. Tsarley Korpey (Ada Foah)
$180 for a family room (B&B)
$110 for a double room (B&B)
Everything about this hotel was excellent apart from the value for money (which was mediocre at best). Rating: 4

If, like us, you are two people who don’t fancy sharing a double bed for whatever reason then Ada Foah is a tricky place to be – we didn’t find anywhere with a twin room apart from Garden Club which we weren’t very impressed with.

For info in Ada Foah, Brightest Spot’s prices are now: 35 cedis for a single, 45 cedis for a double.

And there’s also a newish-looking place not mentioned in the book (it was called something like Emizile) which we liked the look of when we went in to have a look at the rooms and they are charging 60 cedis for a double room.

7. Mole National Park:
18 cedis for a dorm room
70 cedis for a dbl/twin room (plus 18 cedis if you want an extra mattress in there)
Dorm room was reasonable (space to sleep 8 on four bunks although they also threw an extra mattress in there), twin room was lovely.
Obviously the setting (looking over the watering hole) is excellent especially if, like us, you got to see eight elephants go in and have a nice long sit in the watering hole just after we got back from a walking safari where we’d got very close to the same aforementioned eight elephants.
Pool was very clean and good.
Value for money was good too given the location (and their monopoly on accomodation) although breakfast was not included.
Only down side was that the running water wasn’t working for one of our two days that we were there.
Rating: 5

8. Premier Palace (Techiman):
35 cedis for a single, 60 cedis for a double (B&B)
Rooms: good (although the single was a little odourous)
Setting is poor
Food was very good and we felt it was good value for money.
Rating: 7

9. Noks (Kumasi):
45/65/75 cedis single/dbl/exec. suite (B&B – sort of, see below!)
Rooms were good
Setting was reasonable (in a quiet suburb which appealed to us)
Food: Breakfast was good but slow. We didn’t eat dinner there
Value for money: Pretty decent but rather disappointingly they claimed that only one breakfast is included per room so if you’re two people sharing a double room and both of you want breakfast then one would have to pay. Bonkers.
Rating: 5

10: African Rainbow (Busua):
125/135/180/25 single/dbl/family/mattress (added to a room) (B&B)
Thinking back, I think these were the prices of the rooms with AC and they had some slightly cheaper rooms without. The AC is very unreliable because of the whole town’s electricity issues. The AC only works if there is no ‘light-off’ AND the backup generator is on (while neighbouring Busua Beach Resort don’t have that issue as they have more than one generator).
Room was good, setting was excellent (given the balcony that each room has and the excellent, breezy, roof-top bar). Food was superb and the value for money was reasonable (and would be good if the electricity wasn’t an issue). They also had free wifi available in the bar area.
Rating: 6

The prices at Busua Beach Resort next door were:
$175/185/50/25 single/dbl/budget/extra mattress.
A non-resident guest can pay 5 cedis to use the pool (hence our decision to stay at African Rainbow). 5 cedis to use the pool was a bargain.

11. Coconut Grove Bridge House (Elmina):
55/65/75 single/dbl/tpl (B&B)
Room was good and the setting is convenient in that it’s central but also you can smell the fish because you’re right next to the town. It’s busy and bustling which might be good or bad depending on your point of view. The food was very good – particularly their signature dish (which was very coconuty)
Value for Money was good bordering on excellent given the alternatives in the area and especially because use of the Coconut Grove Beach Resort facilities (e.g. the lovely, clean, big pool) is included.
Other info:
Elmina Bay Resort were charging: $135/195/15 for dbl/suite/mattress
Eshu in Cape Coast has closed.

Other info you might be interested in is that there was construction occurring at Step-in Gallery when I went there and was duly not open. It was not clear if this was temporary or not – I couldn’t close enough to nose inside and see if any art was displayed.

It’s worth noting that some of the big cities e.g. Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi etc have “Ford stations” where you can pick up what is essentially a comfortable, new version of a tro-tro for longish journeys in relative comfort (they have AC) and safety (although they also drive pretty fast). Price is slightly more than the same journey by tro-tro.

And finally, as a traveller, I felt it would have been useful to have more Forex Bureaus marked on your maps. For someone travelling cash (which is how you’ll get the best rate), these are the most economical places to get your cedis.

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