Busua & Axim updates

Hello – We just returned from a great trip to Busua and surrounds, and Axim area. First, about Green Turtle Lodge, where we stayed one night. The place is beautiful and nice people, etc. However, we were driving our own car and no one warned us about the road to reach the lodge. It is horrible! We just about destroyed our car, and it took us one hour to drive the 6 miles from Dixcove to the lodge. Other guests told us that taxis want to charge 100 GhC because the road is so bad (they talked them down to 60). The lodge hosts should really tell people how bad the road is, and, as the owner told us, it is just getting worse. We did manage to survive the drive back out and then had two great nights at Ankroba Beach Resort. Really incredibly beautiful beach and good food, very nice accommodations.

Theresa M


2 thoughts on “Busua & Axim updates

  1. madinghana says:

    And it’s not only Green Turtle Lodge that is affected…there is so little public sector support for tourism, but this is not the platform for such grievances.

  2. Nathan Midgley (@nathanmesq) says:

    Yeah, the road is appalling. Did it in a Land Rover and still a very bumpy ride. The other problem with that, for me, was that it makes Green Turtle even more isolated than it already is. I got stir crazy after a few days, especially since the activities were weak. Amazing beach and above par food though – and I love those outdoor showers. It’s up for sale, so could go either way in the next few years.

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