Trip report for Accra, Kumasi and Elmina

My husband and I have just returned from 2 weeks in Ghana, staying in Accra, Kumasi and Elmina. We found your guide exceptionally helpful.

We would like to highly recommend Geoman’s Car Rental in Cape Coast. George had a professional approach, which can be unusual to find. He quoted C140 inclusive for an air conditioned car from Elmina to Accra, as opposed to the $US 140 quoted by the Elmina Beach Resort. The car and driver were both good, the journey took about 3 hours door to door, and, best of all, the driver knew Accra well and took us through back streets to avoid much of the gridlocked traffic.

We had less luck with our hotels. We lasted one night at Hotel Georgia in Kumasi. When we checked in we were taken to a room with a balcony overlooking a concrete wall! – so very dark! We said it was unacceptable and taken to another room, which had seen better days. (We previously stayed there 8 years ago).The ceiling fan was hanging by a thread and swaying dangerously so we were unable to use it. However, the room was spacious, cool and with a good shower with hot water. The breakfast was a depressing experience and the pool was not maintained and so couldn’t be used.

We ended up staying at the Golden Tulip for 3 more nights, which was good but more expensive than we had planned. However I got sick there and wonder if it was from the salads.

We booked into the Coconut Grove Beach Resort in Elmina, but were so disappointed with the room that we moved immediately. The room was filled by a huge bed, but there was room for little else – no space for storage and it smelt strongly of damp. The tv was stacked on top of a small fridge in an awkward position. We eventually spent 3 nights at the Elmina Beach Resort, which was adequate, but the atmosphere was dead, with only 7 of the 150 rooms occupied. This was probably because it was the month following Christmas, and the harmattan at the same time, but we found it to be a depressing experience!

Baobab Restaurant in Cape Coast was excellent, and we had several meals there, served by the young people being trained by the Foundation, with evidence of good customer service. It was interesting to talk to one of the teachers, and we were impressed with the quality of their publicity material and gift shop. One to support!

We travelled from Accra to Kumasi via Nsawam, and the road was appalling – more than one hour of rocky, dusty dirt road and we were advised afterwards that we should have taken the route via ‘the mountains’ ie Aburi. We booked the car for this journey via the Niagara Hotel, as recommended by your guide, but were a little disappointed with the car and driver. The rear view mirror was not in place and even after asking for it to be properly positioned it was not. Also this driver insisted on using the Nsawam route as he said it was shorter, but the journey ended up taking 6 hours and was hazardous.

And lastly I’d like to recommend 233 Jazz Bar and Grill in Accra – a cool place with first class music and musicians.

Alice Opoku


5 thoughts on “Trip report for Accra, Kumasi and Elmina

  1. madinghana says:

    Alice, your luck will turn on your next visit to Ghana should you try Elmina Bay Resort, right next to Coconut Grove Beach Resort, and Four Villages Inn, Kumasi, right down the road from the Georgia Hotel and the Golden Tulip-Kumasi City. You were so close on both counts!

  2. Courtney Hayn says:

    Are there any direct flights to Accra available as well from the UK? Secondly, which airlines offer cheap flights to Accra? I am looking up for some suggestions which would help me decide. I have been looking for answers from Reliance Travels and couple of other travel agencies, but am not still quite sure about the whole affair.

    • Hbancroft says:

      Yes, Tap Portugal and Royal Air Maroc are the cheapest but they are not direct. The only detect airlines are BA or Virgin. If you want to visit some tourist destinations and a reasonable price then check out Melian Travel & Tours. They provide both day trips and longer tours at a reasonable price. Their website is

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