Pedro’s updates

I have just arriving from a 15 days holiday touring Ghana covering each of the different regions of the country. As usual I relied on Bradt Guides, namely the 5th edition of your Ghana Guide.

Concerning the trip I would like to add some informations and recommendations:

1) I was going to go in a Explore group in the last two weeks of december but the trip was cancelled in late August due to the low number of inscriptions. As such I decided to search and book a trip using a local tour operator. After some “googling” and email exchanges I choose “Global Village Tours” (email: They were really professionals and everything surpassed my best expectations. I had a private guide/chauffeur absolutely fantastic not only as a person but with a profound knowledge of all the aspects related to Ghana: Mr. E. T Mensch ( As such I think you should add their names on a future edition of your guide.

2) Concerning Larabanga mosque comments on your guide although I didn’t had any of the complains that some readers state in your guide I personally found the Bole Mosque more interesting and because of the size similarities I think the Bole Mosque deserves the same level of quotation as the Larabanga Mosque.

3) The Wechiau Community Hippo Sanctuary was a little disappointment because unless you stay sleeping in the elevated platform during the night and had a “close encounter” with a hippo you only see them far away from the canoe due to security reasons. Nevertheless as a local community program I think it deserves the mention but not such high expectations. The same happens with Mole National Park wildlife! The best of Mole is the lodge by itself since the location and view are outstanding. I was two years ago in Uganda and compared with the Murchinson Falls National Park and Paara Lodge as well as the trip on the Nile river I must say that Murchinson beats Mole 10 to 1!

4) Axim Beach Hotel is really a paradise, and in spite of the TV in the room and all the new additions you “regret” and comment in your guide, to me it was the BEST HOTEL off all the different ones I stayed or lunched in Ghana. I strongly recommend it. It is much better than the Coconut Elmina Beach Hotel for example.

5) Elmina Castle is a must see in any Ghana trip (and I say this not because I am from Portugal). It deserves some sort of “modern museologic” intervention however. I sent an email to the Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon stressing this (they intervene in restoration of Oman Castle, St. John Baptist Fort in Benin and Essaouira fortress). The village, the boats and the sea views as well as the people makes ElMina a really unique place in Ghana.

6) The DaViva shop and the shopping gallery at Movenpick Hotel are interesting for those who look for beautiful and unique textiles from Ghana as well as for art gallery shopping. For those interested in African Masks and African sculpture I would recommend Afia Village Art Gallery in Accra.

7) Cedar beads are as much interesting as stated in the guide and I would recommend also a visit. The same regarding the Obuasi AngloGold Ashanti Mine for those interesting in visiting a deep underground mine. The book commemorating the 100th year of the company is worth buying.

8) Concerning Bradt Guides I have used them for many years and they are really reliable, and overall this one in Ghana didn’t disappointed me and I think it is impossible to anyone to visit Ghana without it!

Thanks for all your efforts in reviewing and publishing it.


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