Walking tours in Nima, Accra

There are now walking tours of Nima, the most impoverished area of Accra, situated between the airport & centre of town. Chloe write: They are guided by Charles Sablah, a Nima resident who will ensure your safety whilst learning about the district, with it’s variety of West African nationalities bringing different religions living in the same area.  From meeting local dance & drum groups, kids at a very special bilingual school, entering extended family courtyards and spending time in the local market. He can make 2hrs in Accra enlightening!  Highly recommended call him on: +233 (0)24-627-0095 or mail: mature009@gmail.com.

For further details, click on this PDF link to Charles’s brochure or visit his website ghana-nima-tours.yolasite.com


2 thoughts on “Walking tours in Nima, Accra

  1. Bill Ristow says:

    We did the walking tour with Charles and loved it — a wonderful inside look at a community we’ve always wondered about in the nearly full year we’ve been living in Accra. He’s soft-spoken, friendly and knowledgeable, and readily adapts the tour to your interests. We’d recommend it to anyone interested in a look at the REAL Accra. — Bill & Theresa

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