KALPOHIN Cultural Exchange Program

A few months ago I visited KALPOHIN  Cultural Exchange Program in Tamale, Ghana, in the company of my 25 year old son and the 17 year old grandson of a friend. Aside from the shea butter, groundnut preparation, and cotton spinning, we also had a demonstration of traditional slab formed pottery. The 2 boys each took a turn at forming their own pots, and finished pots were available for sale at very small prices. If we had been able to make a return trip, they would have fired our own pots for later collection.

We all had a great time. Mr. Walisu is an excellent tour guide, positive and personable, and eager to answer our questions. 

There is also a small orphanage associated with the village project, clean, well-organized, brightly painted, the classrooms decorated with the colorful drawings of the students. It seemed to be a very happy place, and it shares in the fees generated by the tours.

Walisu Alhassan has an email address as well as as postal address that he would like to add to his contact information. alwalisu@yahoo.co.uk and P.O.Box ER 450, Tamale, Ghana.

I definitely recommend this tour to visitors to Tamale.

Patti Thomas


2 thoughts on “KALPOHIN Cultural Exchange Program

  1. Michele Burgess says:

    I, too, highly recommend this experience. We met Walisu, he took our tour group to a village where we very much enjoyed a performance by the Dagomba drummers and dancers. The older men were teaching the kids how to dance. Fabulous!!!

  2. Mohammed C.Abdul Mumin says:

    I am soo glad to realy see this online,Actually that is my community and I love the place (Kalpohin).
    Any body or Organization who thinks of coming, I say AMARAABA…

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