Travellers Cheques in Accra

Your statement about Scantravel being the only place to cash American Express travelers checks in Accra requires updating on two points. First, Scantravel is no longer at Enterprise House. Went there last week to cash checks and was told it was no longer there. I could not find a location for Scantravel in Accra on the web. Second, Barclay’s in OSU and at the main office will cash up to $200/day. Thought you’d want to know!


2 thoughts on “Travellers Cheques in Accra

  1. suzbarna says:

    I found that it was only Barclay’s main office that cashes travellers cheques, after much trial and error trying numerous other banks and currency exchange places. I cashed around US1,000 but it took the good part a morning and I would certainly not take travellers cheques to Ghana again. Cash points are the best bet in Accra, then the slightly risky business of carrying sums of cash in rural areas.

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