Kyle & Jane’s updates

Ghana Bradt Guide updates:
We travelled in Ghana during August 2011. We had an excellent time overall and really enjoyed our time in Ghana.

Places/People we would like to recommend:

• Nurom Inn Annex in Kumasi (great location, friendly staff, clean and cheap!)
• Stephen (Tour guide at the Prempeh II Museum Kumasi Cultural Centre) – informative and interesting.
• Zongo leather tannery – interesting but a rip-off!
• Walisu al Hassan – a really great man. Friendly and informative and our visit to the village of N’Banayili (organised through Walisu’s Kalpohin Cultural Exchange Program) was one of the highlights of our trip. A brilliant and respectful way to experience local culture and customs without taking advantage.
• Walking safari at Mole (and the brilliant tour guide Osman). Really interesting – close up viewings of elephants, antelope, baboons and even a crocodile!
• Watching local fisherman retrieve their nets/boats on beach at Cape Coast.
• Tours of Cape Coast and Elmina castles – fascinating insight into slavery during the colonial era.
• Waterfall Lodge at Wli – an idyllic place to stay within walking distance of the impressive falls.

Things to be wary of:

• Nigerian Films on long STC journeys.
• Excruciatingly slow/incompetent service at the restaurant at Mole (even by Ghanaian standards).
• Baboons stealing tourist’s food/belongings around the pool at Mole.
• Harrassment around Cape Coast castle – people trying to sell you things. Not a problem as long as you give a firm ‘No’ and then just ignore them.
• BUSUA BEACH. We were robbed by a man with a machete on Busua Beach (during the day). DO NOT walk along the beach. If you must then make sure you have a local guide with you. Many items were stolen from us including our passports, camera, cash, bradt guide book etc. This was a terrible experience that almost ruined our trip. The Police at Dixcove were insulting, rude and of no help whatsoever. The police also demanded money from us for a police report. Some locals were also of no help and did not seem to care about what had happened. We were helped by fellow tourists and by Ernest (from Black Star Surf Shop) who was great and helped us by driving us to/from the police station. In addition to this the beach is polluted and dirty. Our advice would be to not visit Busua at all.
• Osu, Accra. Do not go there unless you have to. It is bland and uninteresting. (If you want western shops like KFC why bother going to Ghana?)

Kyle & Jane

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