Cycling on the West Coast

Max Kaplan, the operations manager of Escape 3 Points, has sent me the following info about this exciting sounding organisation:

I wanted to tell everyone about a new active way to travel in Ghana’s West Coast, The Best Coast! Moving west from Takoradi it seems like the best thing to do is just relax and enjoy the beaches. This is great for your standard traveler but from my experience Ghana doesn’t draw standard travelers. Most of the people I have met have more of an active spirit!
I think that one of the best ways to really explore the west coast is by bike. Many of the roads west of the Agona are far more enjoyable by bicycle. To enable visitors to really explore the coast and surrounding area some of the local youth have come together to form a bike hire/tour shop. The group is called Ghana West Coast Mountain biking. With the Newest branch in Cape three points is located on donated land at Escape 3 Points ecolodge. Their shop is clean organized and the staff is well trained in repair and guiding. Well kept bicycles and trained mechanics on site, will ensure that you have a great ride! With other branches at Green Turtle Lodge and In Busua.

With the local youth (17-21) as a guide or as a solo explorer mountain bikes allow you to explore the many villages and land marks along the coast. Trails on road and  single track paths allow riders are able to explore a wide variety of places, with a variety of difficulty. One of the most enjoyable ways to get to Princess Town and see the Castle and take a tour through the mangroves to ride to the Forest reserve.  The forest reserve ride is a great ride for any environmentalist because it allows you to see the last coastal forest in Ghana, maybe even West Africa.

No matter where you end up on the Best Coast you won’t really be able to see all the best beaches without riding the coast and exploring on bike. All the proceeds going to the local youth and towards trail upkeep, the local guys see 100% of the returns.  I hope to see all of you active travelers soon!
for bicycle bookings call 026 6750 676

Also, For those Who will be in the country in the end of October 2011 there will be a big event for Halloween weekend.  Escape 3 points lodge is a three day event. And as part of it GWCMB is holding a mountain bike race on some of our new trails. Contact escape three points lodge for more info! (a surfing competition will also be held)

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