Police PIPS hotline

The Ghana police have now started a PIPS (Police Intelligence and Professional Standards Bureau)  hotline where you can call in or file your complaints about how the police has been behaving. Note down your location, the day, name of the police and in which way you felt you were not treated well.

I have not tried this myself, but saw info about this service on the tv.

Nr is: 0302 – 776 435, the office is located at the

Accordning to their webpage you can also send any complaints about the conducts of Police personnel to:



should be written typed and addressed to the IGP or The Director,PIPS,Police Hqrs. or

Report personally to PIPS office at National Police Headquarters

call telphone:

0302-776435      –      General Office

0302-787236      –      ASP/PIPS

0302-776435      –      2i/c PIPS

0302-761263       –   Director/PIPS

E-Mail:  pips@ghanapolice.info


info from http://www.ghanapolice.info/college_pips.htm

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