OA Travel and Tours

This company really needs to be added to the travel guide. A local introduced this transit system to us and we used it frequently. The OA is much like the STC and is located 200m from STC station in Accra. OA offers newer busses for cheaper, in better condition (not once broke down) and has multiple drivers for longer trips with an armed guard for security. The other main attraction of this bus system is the scheduled times it travels. Leaving at 3pm daily (promptly!) from Bolgatanga to Accra (just outside the metro station), costing only GHC30.00. It leaves Tamale to Accra (across the street from metro station) daily at 5pm, costing GHC25.00. Unfortunately I did not catch the travel times from Accra going north. You are also able to book tickets in advance! Insist on it a day or two ahead, sometimes you get the odd clerk who doesn’t want to sell advance, but ask for a manager if this occurs. Here’s a few number we managed to find:
OA: 0243-3177620
OA Tamale: 0242-767694 / 0208-083644
OA Kumasi: 03220-41925

Lauren and Paul Locke,


One thought on “OA Travel and Tours

  1. madinghana says:

    Just don’t take them or any bus at night. A massive accident happened on the Accra-Kumasi road near Konongo at night involving an OA bus and another bus travelling to Accra. 23 dead and counting!

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