Mole National Park

Getting to and from Mole Park was the hardest part. The Metro Mass Transit in Tamale will take you there but be sure to bug the ticket office for exact time and location of the bus or it will park somewhere you can’t see, leaving you behind. Travel time is about 5 hours and leaves the station around 1:30pm daily (or 4pm depending on the mood of the driver).The MMT will bring you back, but daily returns leave promptly at 4am. Weird! The other option is M&J Travel Tours, at GHC25.00 one-way. They cater to 11 passengers max and minimum of 6 to operate. Ask front desk about contact info, they are usually on site. Road is horrible, but worth the drive.

The food at Mole was the absolute worst food I had in all of Ghana.Completely overpriced at GHC10.00 for a side of French Fries, and repeatedly out of dishes. At one point I had to change my dinner option 4 times for lack of ingredients! Service is not great, they seem to act like high school kids rather than employees.

NOTE* Eat indoors, as you WILL have baboons stealing your toast from your hand.

Hotel rooms were very affordable and well worth it for the clean and large rooms. The fans are very powerful! Views are incredible from any of the buildings. Pool was clean and well taken care of, again the view is amazing.

Walking Safari was great, our guide was great, the length of the tour was perfect and overall a spectacular experience. At GHC1.00 per hour, this tour is the primary reason to go to Mole.

Lauren and Paul Locke

One thought on “Mole National Park

  1. Wim says:

    Please contact our lodge (the Asempa Lodge: ) for recent information on transport to Mole. We are located at the edge of Tamale in the direction of Mole National Park and will inform you about the current prices/times for the Metro Mass and the M&J Transport.

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