Kakum National Park

Hans Cottage-
Affordable, clean rooms from GHC30.00. Very cool, serene and unique- the write up in the most recent guide is exactly on point. Highly recommended as supposed to staying right in Cape Coast. Only a 10 minute drive from CC and 20 minutes from Kakum Park. Food is good, service not as much, but overall the restaurant is something to experience with views, wildlife, privacy and comfort.

Kakum National Park-Canopy walk-
We had many travellers complain to us about the canopy walk and insisted it was over-priced and unexciting-DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS ADVICE. Average price around GHC15.00 (for adult non-Ghanaian) to walk amongst the rainforest! We highly recommend this adventure and take your time, don’t feel pressured to walk-through fast because the guide is pressuring you to do so. You can try to get a tro-tro back to Cape Coast but this is tough as they are always full by the time the reach Kakum- taxi’s are extremely overpriced charging up to GHC35.00. We recommend hitch-hicking and a local will usually pick you up free of charge.

Lauren and Paul Locke


2 thoughts on “Kakum National Park

  1. Wim says:

    It used to be GHc 15.00 for volunteers or students and GHc 30.00 for ‘normal’ adults. Or has this changed?

    The problem is that the guidebook gives a much lower rate than now is being asked.

    I personally find it expensive, but indeed worth it.

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