Bolgatanga & surrounds


Swap Restaurant- (Not affiliated with Swad in Tamale)
Excellent and only international food in Bolga. Service can go either way, as can wait times for food. Pizza is excellent and decently priced. The Falafel wrap was our particular dish choice on many occasions.

Comme-ci, Comme-ca-
Haha. This excellent outdoor space is the only thing going for this restaurant. The service was some of the worst we received in Ghana and the lax attitude was bitterly annoying. From having to ask multiple times for everything, waiting 3 hours for food to arrive, to repeatedly being overcharged. Not sure why we returned after the first time, but the patio is really what brought us back. The suites were ok, clean but not worth the price.


This is a little town 30kms west of Bolga (after Navrongo). There isn’t much to do in this town, but if you are stopping through you will enjoy the most friendly of locals and breathtaking scenery. The town has an inviting row of large trees lining the main road which make for a homey country feeling. Paloma’s is an indoor/outdoor restaurant that offers only Ghanaian dishes for cheap. Located behind the market, it’s the only sit-down restaurant in town. Sunset drinking spot is right behind the MMT station and offers cheap drinks only. Conifah Guesthouse is just outside of town, 15 minute walk, and offers practical and cheaper accommodations. The restaurant no longer serves food (which is a shame) but does offer a variety of cold drinks. It is very private and has a bit of a resort feel to it.

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