Accra updates

ACCRA Accommodations:

Blue Royal Hotel-
Amazing service, cleanliness, and value. Being in the heart of Osu made for easy getting around. Rooms vary from US69.00-129.00 for clean, air conditioned, and breakfast included. Highly recommended for moderate budget travellers.

AG Guesthouse (Assemblies of God)-
Located on Ring Way Road, perpendicular to Ring Road (North of Danquah Circle) up from the AG Church. This small guesthouse offers safe and clean rooms with hot water and air conditioning. Priced at GHC20.00-55.00. We found this as a back up when the Salvation Army was booked. It was the only other small budget guesthouse in Osu with CLEAN rooms and gated lot.

ACCRA Food and Restaurants:

TOTALLY overpriced at GHC5.00 for a cup of Nescafe Instant Coffee and mains around GHC25.00. Horrible Service. We walked out before the hot water hit our mugs.

Sunshine Salad Bar- (No longer Little Indian…same location)
Amazing service, quality, cleanliness and price. This is in our opinion, was the best food we had the entire trip. With dishes from GHC4.00-13.00 you can afford the desert. Fresh and fast food all served with side dishes- Salad, burgers, pizza, sandwiches, and sides. The veggie and falafel burgers highly recommended, best we have had anywhere. Outdoor patio, great for vegetarians.

Sunshine 2 Go-
Located beside the Osu food court, this smaller rendition (same owners) offers similar dishes to it’s mother restaurant with smaller portions and price. Open 10am-11pm daily this is the best spot in Osu for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Great service and a cute modern cafe atmosphere, great for vegetarians.

Some of the best Indian food we have ever had. Priced a bit high from GHC9.00-16.00 for a main, but so flavourful and delicious. A bit dingy, but clean, and service was great. If you don’t know the menu items, just ask and a full explanation of each dish will be given!

Honeysuckle Pub-
Food was good, and exactly as you would expect from a British pub. Well priced, clean and large menu choices. Service the first time was horrible, as we were told by the server to leave because the chef wasn’t coming. I asked the bar tender if the chef was coming and he said yes and told us to stay. I think the girl just didn’t feel like working? Second time the service was better, but slow. This is a smoking restaurant so non-smokers beware.

Crossroads Bar and Grill-
Located near the Salvation Army, this indoor/outdoor drinking spot offers LOUD, but tasteful music, cheaper drinks and a few menu items. Mostly Ghanaian dishes but you can also get wings and fries while you down a beer. This is a hotspot for locals to get together, always packed so get there before 7pm or you won’t get a table.

Koala Supermarket-
The only good thing about this supermarket in the affordable chocolate bread and pastries in the bakery. Obviously overpriced for everything else, don’t go in unless you want to spend a fortune.

Lauren and Paul Locke,


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