Exporting alcohol from Ghana

James just sent me the following message:

“Thanks for a superb guidebook. I wanted to mention my experience while at the airport customs desk upon leaving Ghana. I had with me a litre of local cane spirit alcohol, which the lady at the desk told me I was not allowed to take out of the country simply on the grounds that it was alcohol. I have been to Ghana once before, and had no problems taking alcohol home, but she would not listen to my arguments and I didn’t want to push it too much. I would be interested to know for next time, however, whether this is a real rule disallowing non-commercial export of alcohol, or whether the lady was just wanting it for herself. I suspect there is no such rule, and if this can be confirmed, perhaps I can argue a bit stronger next time. If it is a real rule, travellers should be made aware of it.”

It sounds like a fabrication to me…but does anybody know for sure?

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