Updates for Tumu, northern Ghana

Margrit Frempong, the manageress of the SILDEP guest house in Tumu, writes:

“I want to thank you very much for having put us, the SILDEP guest house  into your guidebook. Because of your recommendation, we are getting more tourists here in Tumu! However, I just saw that, while the phone number of the receptionist is correct, my contact is wrong – it should be 00233 54 1636810. (not 233 54 16361810).

Also, one thing which we found out a few weeks ago is that there is a short cut from Tumu to the Nazinga Game Reserve in Burkina Faso. It is a bush road. One goes from Tumu to a village called Kasali and continues there straight on, and one gets into Burkina Faso without showing a passport or having to get a “laisser passer” for the car.  There is also no sign  which shows that one enters Burkina Faso. One  has to turn right when one comes to a bigger village, after about a half an hour’s rive  or a little more where the road continues in different directions. If one turns right there, one can continue straight until one gets  to the game reserve.We asked people for direction when we got to that village. The whole journey takes about two hours, depending on the kind of car one has. It should be a pick up with four wheel drive or another good car with four wheel drive. During the dry season there is no problem getting there, but in the rainy season there is a river a short distance before one gets to the game reserve, and there is  no bridge to cross it, i.e. the bridge is not finished yet.”

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