Crime at Cape Coast

We are volunteers in Ghana and have been using your guide book.  We thought that you might like to know that we were mugged (beaten up and a bag ripped from our hands) on the rocks behind the Cape Coast Castle, around 10am on a Saturday.  The guy was in his mid 20s and had been sitting on the highest rock overlooking the ocean for a couple hours.  We wandered over to look at the ocean and he cornered us, attacked us, and stole the bag (even though we were fighting back and screaming).  We looked at the spot 4 hours later while inside the castle, and he was still sitting on the same rock, as though he were waiting for someone else to walk back there.  We did get the bag back, but it was a terrifying experience, and we could have been seriously hurt.

We are experienced travelers, vigilant, and aware of our surroundings, so this took us completely by surprise.  It might be best to mention this in the next edition of your guide so other travelers don’t fall into the same trap.

Erin & Rachel


2 thoughts on “Crime at Cape Coast

  1. micamom says:

    Bummer – I was photographing the fishing boats and people from Cape Coast Castle last week, and I discovered that some young guy down among the fishing boats was quite angry at me, shaking his fist. I stopped photographing, but whenever he saw me look out one of the openings in the castle, he’d shake his fist at me again.

  2. Ali Baba says:

    Hi I life since 8 years in cape coast, it is true that the crime has come up. But its nothing to be afraid of. Its more or less mostly a try of snatching hand bags. So as a traveller just keep it important stuff in the horro rooms or lockers. Don’t show of with expensive cameras or mobile phones. Ask for phone you shoyld have a cheap phones for travelling only. So if you loose it you don’t worry about it. I’m the operator of Oasis Beach Resort in cape Coast and I always advise my guest to leave their belongings back at the room if they wanna go out in the evenings to town.Hacienda plaza and the bars arround a the most popular places for pocketpickers. Be careful watch out. In that way you will not be a victim and can enjoy to beautiful Cape Coast.

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