Various updates from Jesper

Thank you for an excellent guide book, just a few corrections to the 5th Edition from a visit late 2010.

Page 77 Public Holidays: Farmer’s Day is 1st Friday in December, not a fixed date.

Page 78 Traditional Festivals. I traveled to the Keta Region to see the Hogbetsotso in Anloga but it hasn’t been celebrated for several years following a year with riots and shooting, from what I could understand the government had to set in soldiers and there was at least one killed.

Page 235 Keta Beach Hotel has fully renovated a/c rooms with TV and fridge except for the cheaper annex rooms. It still doesn’t see many guests though and the manager was somewhat disappointed with the review in 5th edition so I hope this will remedy the problem a bit. The beach near the hotel is very nice and an excellent way to see fishermen at work. Very friendly place in general if you want a couple of quiet days in good surroundings. There’s a food stall some 50 meters from the hotel towards the beach where they serve delicious fish at very reasonable prices. The food at the hotel is nothing spectacular but OK

Page 298 Afram Plains. I crossed from Kpando in November and the water in Lake Volta was so high that there was no ferry, only open longboats with room for maybe 50 passengers. A fine experience but it was very hot when we crossed and no shade at all. I don’t know if the high water was just for a short period but as it was you couldn’t cross with a car. I spent a couple of enjoyable days in Donkorkrom where they don’t see many foreign tourists. I stayed at St. Michael’s which is a fine hotel (not a guesthouse) with 4 self contained rooms in the main building and 6 more under construction of which 4 will have a/c. I paid less than 20 GHC for a self contained room, very clean with good plumming and TV. Cheaper rooms in the annex and also a couple of cheap guesthouses in town. I recommend that you make a reservations for St. Michaels since it is used a lot by local business men and government people. Phone 0848 22043 and 020 9019079

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