Accra and Kakum updates

La Paradise Inn, Accra. Delightful and helpful “Kate” works here, the rooms are nice, pool is clean. However, as Glenn says, the neighborhood isn’t great and it’s far from everything, almost forcing you to eat a very over-priced and slowly served lunch or dinner there. Is a fine place to stay if you have a private car. Afia Beach Hotel, run by Helen, has an excellent restaurant and nice rooms, much better place to stay in west part of Accra.
We had a great tour of fishing community at Jamestown, friendly fishermen and sellers; find a local named Mark who works there in some capacity, for your guide. He really made a difference in our experience. Bought some chunks of DELICIOUS smoked fish, maybe tuna–wow, yum!

Our guide at Kakum Park was one of the few women there; she knew absolutely nothing about the trees, etc., talked on her cell phone in the serene forest, and then told our group all about her many children and asked for money to help raise them!

Cynthia Samake


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