Shai Hills Resort

We stayed for 2 nights at Shai Hills Resort Reserve – we had a few issues with the hotel and poor management when we stayed there last year but decided to give it another go. We wished we hadn’t. The facilities are OK but the hotel is very poorly run – the lazyness and attitude of the receptionist has to be seen to be believed. She seemed to spend all day watching TV and couldn’t care less about our issues with the hotel. The main thing that is inaccurate in your guide is that there is no swimming pool – despite it being on the sign at the gate. We looked long and hard and asked the staff but it is nowhere to be found. Our guide had to go out to buy food for the restaurant because they did not have enough despite our group being booked in for months and when we tried to complain to the hotel’s director and renegotiate when we were paying for dinner he lost it with us and even accused us of being racist. The only negative experience of anyone we met in Ghana and in complete contrast to the friendliness and welcoming attitude of everyone else we met. We referred to it as Shite Hills for the rest of the trip!

Andy Linton

One thought on “Shai Hills Resort

  1. Simon Amy Gornah says:

    I am not surprised at all at the attitude of the receptionist at the hotel in question. I am a ghanaian myself and it it is a frequent attitude I experience in many hotels. I hope something could be done to train better the receptionists in Ghana to put up a real professional attitude with clients. I someitmes understand some of them for the luke-warm attitude for they have no particular formation and j are just been used by the hotel proprietors for very miserable salries. Let’s not give up though for I hope such comments will help improve the hotel service conditions. Long live Ghana

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