Aburi updates

We loved the Olyander Hotel (slight miss-spelling in your guide) in Aburi where we stayed for 5 nights – it may be more basic than some, but the staff are so friendly, welcoming and helpful…nothing was too much trouble. Your guide mentions a misery attitude to providing water but I think it is simply that they turn off the water pump when it is not needed – one of the staff showed me where it was when we first arrived and I simply turned it on when we got back at the end of the day and had no major problems with water supply. It is great value for what you pay and we have great memories of staying there.

The only other thing that might need updating is the reference to Rita Marley’s home in Aburi which actually suffered a serious fire in June 2010 which completely gutted the property and on our 2011 visit was still in the same state and had not been rebuilt. The wall and gates at the front are still attractive and impressive but the house does not look good! Anyway still a must see for any Marley fans I guess. I am not sure if Rita is still living in the area.

Andy Linton

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