Rootsyard Lodge near Wli Falls

I’m writing to inform your readers of a new guestlodge that has opened up in Peki on the road to Hohoe, and definitely a convenient location for many of the sites in the Volta Region. The guesthouse is called Roots Yard and can be found at The lodge is situated in the heart of the hills of Volta Region, just on the outskirts of Peki, just about 1.5 hours from Wli Falls and much closer to Tafi Monkey Village, the ancestral caves of Likpe, Mount Afadzato, Kpando and the Kalapka Wildlife Reserve. The guestlodge is eco-friendly and the two owners, Bob and Jacqueline work to source natural, local produce, whenever possible. The vegan menu is extensive and SO DELICIOUS!!!!!!! We traveled with a number of hearty meat-eaters, and they all thoroughly enjoyed the plentiful mix of Ghanaian/African food available.


Accommodation is limited, but what is available is very comfortable: – Double rented tent w/double mattress (perfectly comfortable and no real problem with mosquitoes) and shared bath – 8ghc per night – Dormitory (shared bath) – 10ghc per night – Double Self-contained House – 35ghc per night – you can also pitch your own tent for 5ghc per night


This lodge has just opened in in early June, so they’ve had few reviews, but I must say you really should try to book this place! It’s picturesque, friendly, with good music playing and games and books available for public use – very nice weekend or week-long getaway. I would like to reiterate another reader’s comment that the climb to the upper falls of Wli is very difficult and requires a fair amount of fitness and energy. Make sure your readers take water and a bit of food with them, especially if they’re not accustomed to hiking. Also, good hiking shoes (sneakers etc.) are a must as there are a number of places on the climb where it’s quite easy to slip if your shoes don’t have good grip.


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2 thoughts on “Rootsyard Lodge near Wli Falls

  1. Jah moses says:

    If u want good food and nice people to talk to, go to roots yard. Opened in june and brothers and sisters of the owners of green turtle lodge, it is the perfect place. All major attractions like wli waterfall and afajato the highest mt are all day trips from roots yard. Food is vegan but i am sure u wont miss eating meat as the food is brilliant. Movie nights on a projector screen….I think by request. I had an amazing experience with my family and brethren.

  2. Dr Jenifer Boyd says:

    What an amazing find. You JUST HAVE to visit Roots Yard. Easy access to a number of well known tourist attractions but also opening up new places to visit. Peki itself is a small friendly African town well worth exploring using the carefully prepared guidance on display in Roots Yard. The food is fantastic,great quality and sourced locally where ever possible, and if not from Ghana then from nearby African countries. Local crafts are also for sale in the small shop, which is linked to the local community. You can even play ‘ping pong’ on a yellow table! This is also one of the best places to get REAL coffee (all African blends) and with a real and genuine ‘Woe Zor’ (welcome) you will be made to feel at home. Accomodation is varied but all clean. Roots Yard is a small family run guest house so booking by text or phone is advised.

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