Horse riding at Lake Bosumtwi

We would like to inform all the Bradt guide readers of the Ghana book that we have newly opened a horse ranch called The Green Ranch at Lake Bosomtwe and we offer horse-rides from 1 hour to 1 day to all…Our horses are all Ghanean (!) and I, myself, am a professionnal French horse-trekking guide.

‘Safety in sports’ and ‘Respect of the environment and local communities’ are our mottos so we are very concerned in bringing a safe enjoyable activity with healthy and well-looked-after animals and site.

The first hour of a ride is priced GHC 25, then extra hours are GHC 20 (so, for instance, if you want to go for 3 hours, it will cost you GHC 65. A full day ride (8 hours) around the whole lake including a break for lunch costs GHC 100 (including the lunch)
We also offer a little cowboy ride for children under 7 at the small charge of GHC 5 for 10 min.

Hopefully, we’ll fully complete the Green Ranch project by the end of the year when we’ll propose the Bed & Breakfast option then with strictly vegetarian (mainly home-grown) food shared at our table.

We are located 3 km from Abono, branch to the right at the school junction, on the (rough) road leading to the Rainbow Garden Village.

Thank you for visiting us and experiencing a ride in the wilderness of Bosomtwe !

Elodie & Kojo


Tel: +233 (0) 20 29 17 058 or  (0) 20 35 34 870 or (0) 54 17 27 204
(Our numbers are not always well covered by the network but in case they are unavailable, sms should get through)

13 thoughts on “Horse riding at Lake Bosumtwi

  1. Eunice Tumi says:

    I would like to come horse riding at the ranch the weekend of September 3. Please give me directions and let me know of the reservation s procedure

    • philipbriggs says:

      Eunice, this is just a guidebook update site, not an agent for the ranch itself, so I suggest you contact Elodie & Kojo at the email address or telephone numbers provided above!

  2. Rebecca says:


    Do you have a homepage or could you email us the prices to stay at your lodge? Thanks in advance from Germany, and a good start with your business,


    • elodie filliol says:

      HI Rebecca,

      you cannot sleep at the ranch yet, the home-staying option will be available by the end of the year. However, we cook fresh and tasty vegetarian food and the horse-riding activity are on offer. Link us up through email at or by phone +233 (0)20 291758

      See you soon !

  3. Sara says:

    Such a lovely place! Me and my friend Mia visited the ranch a couple of weeks ago and we were thrilled! Cute horses, great food and wonderful environment. Everyone should go there!

  4. Sara from Sweden says:

    I would very much like to recommend this ranch and Lake Bosumtwi!

    Me and my friend visited Elodie and her family in january for two days when we where travelling around in Ghana.

    Lake Bosumtwi is a beautiful, peaceful place and well worth visiting.

    The horses at the ranch was very nice and calm. Myself being a bit scared of horses could really enjoy the horse back riding. We ate breakfast, lunch and dinner at Elodie and the food was delicious!

  5. Christine Stungo says:

    We had a wonderful stay at the ranch, what a blessing place to rest after a long car trip (from France to Ghana). The view overlooking the lake from the lodge is gorgeous. The rooms and sanitaries are very clean and I really appreciated the use of natural and local material for the construction (bamboo, stones…) We were also delighted by Elodie’s vegetarian meals, including fresh home salads, papaya and plantains. My 5 year old son was able to horse ride and quickly felt at ease thanks to Elodie’s professionalism; he was also delighted to spend time at the ranch and learning about taking care of horses. I highly recommend the lodge, Elodie, with her hospitality, will make you feel at home for sure.

  6. Libera says:

    Et on y parle aussi bien Français qu’Espagnol!! un cadre idyllique tenu par des passioné(e)s,
    merci Elo & familly!! à ne manquer sous aucun prétexte si vous êtes de passage au Ghana!!

  7. Sue Anderson from Ile de la Reunion, Indian Ocean says:

    Hi everybody !

    Just back from one month travelling in Ghana and our trip was made fantastic thanx to the Bradt guide !
    One of our favourite spots was the newly-opened Green Ranch with its wonderful view, truely quality food and great horses ! We rode around the whole lake, the whole day, what a journey !

    the Green Ranch is a great place to stop-by and we recommend it to all the travellers who are looking for a wild eco-retreat, peaceful and far away from noise and pollution ! Lake Bosomtwe is certainly the destination.


  8. Vincent Gas says:

    We went to this amazing place cloth from Kumasi, and also accessible from Accra for a wonderful weekend!
    As already written: food is delicious, wonderful view of the lack, very peace place and the owners are VERY welcoming. Extra Bonus: there is not one mosquitoes (thanks to the special plants)!!!!
    We rode around the lack by using breathtaking landscape scattered throughout bosumtwi lake, horses were perfect, people of bosumtwi lake were friendly and welcoming.
    I surely recommend the green ranch!
    Again thank you Elodie to you and your family (and horses) 🙂

    IN french:
    Un petit mot pour vous dire que c’est juste génial! Balade a cheval, petit tour en canoë sur le lac, bonne bouf, alors que normalement je ne rêve que d’une chose: un gros steak saignant.
    Enfin accueil au top et même pas de courbature après le cheval! 🙂 Chacun va a son rythme et le chevaux s’adaptent bien à leur monture.

    Conclusion: Vraiment à faire, un endroit qui change de la plage et à ne pas rater.

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