Safari Beach Lodge, Busua

I think perhaps the new management are still finding out how to run this place as a luxury lodge. I stayed there for three days and my room was not very clean. I had to ask the cleaners to come and clean the floor and shower before I could stay there. The food is mediocre – certainly not what you would expect from an award winning chef. Either he was on holiday or has left. The current chef, certainly for vegetarian meals, was basic. The location is fabulous but the lodge is not luxury.

Chrissie Mc


One thought on “Safari Beach Lodge, Busua

  1. Hana Cmakalova says:

    My experience with the place was the only negative experience I had with accomodation in Ghana. I booked a suite in the place 2 month in advance while in Europe. I booked only 1 night for 60USD, but was asked to pay a deposit of 100 USD. After, I asked about this, they told me 100USD is normal, but in my case they can make a difference and I sent them a transfer of 60 USD only, the cost of our suite. About a week before our intended stay I received a message from them telling me I will not get the 60USD suite I booked, but only a 40USD room, as they prefer to keep the suite for another guest who will stay longer. When I complained they offered a refund, but as I was in Ghana already, I was not in the mood to search for another accommodation during the high season and accepted. How wrong, I did. So,on the day as planned we took the rough road and arrived to the lodge. I got out and walked passed the abandoned reception a front yard full of different pieces of rubish until I found the staff in the restaurant which looked rather untidy. In that moment, a guest was there with them arguing about the quality of the food. Meanwhile my husband was waiting in our car. Another guests passed by him and told him they were just leaving 2 days earlier than planned as they found some bugs in their bed and after several complaints nothing had been done to help them. It seemed all to fall in place having seen all the garbage around. So this was about enough for us to leave too… We have lost our deposit as Safari Lodge did not want to refund us (not even the difference between our original room and the room they allocated us later) and all the money it cost us to get there and back to another accommodation we found in rush. Later on, we spoke to several locals and they all confirmed that stories like ours have happened frequently since the new management is in charge. It is a pity, as the beach and nature around the lodge are still beautiful…

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