New place to get pizza in Bolgatanga

We spent 2 months in Bolgatanga and met this friendly young couple that runs a Christian homeschool for disadvantaged children, Adam and Abby. Abby makes the BEST pizza we’ve had, and amazing chocolate no-bake cookies to follow for dessert. It’s worth the money, and they are using the pizza business to help make ends meet for their school, a worthy cause. We recommend giving them a call or a visit, chatting with them, meeting their adorable son, and savoring some great pizza.

Here is their information:

Akolas Home Pizza
About us:  We are missionaries living in Bolgatanga. We run a Christian school mainly for disadvantaged children.

Menu:   Pizza with choice topping
a.       All meat = 14.00
b.       Vegetarian=13.00
c.       All toppings—Pineapple, green pepper, mushrooms, onions.= 15.00
d.       Extra Cheese=18.00

Desserts:  Oat meal cookies, No baked oat meal cookies, peanut butter cookies, and chocolate cake. Tell us how many you want, and we will let you know the price when you order. (All our prices are in the local currency.)

Services: You can either make an order to be delivered to you at home or you may come and eat at our house. Delivery to your house will cost extra. Make orders at least an hour before the time you will want your food.


Cell Ph: 233-0246-314920

Lauren and Laura


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