Jeep safaris and other news from Mole NP

Jeep safaris are now on offer but if you do not have your own car you need to hire one. They cost GhC50 per hour and most trips are 2-3 hours long. You can get at least 7 people in each car (four on the roof) so costs do not work out too expensive. They are well worth the money as you can see more of the park and a wider range of animals.

Adam is a great guide – very informative and friendly. He is a guide who listens to your requests and tries to make sure you are satisfied with your trips. He is very enthusiastic too.

The Mole Motel is a great option for acomodation. The staff are very friendly, the meals are fine and the location is perfect.

From the motel you can also organise visits to the eco-village of Mognori and do activities such as a canoe trip and a village tour. Ibrahim is a reliable and trustworthy guide for these activities. He can also arrange homestays, trips to Larabanga mosque, and cultural displays. His contact information is, 027 253 8455.

Larabanga mosque is fabulous but you can only view it from the outside. Once you have seen it you will be asked to sign the visitors book and make a donation.



One thought on “Jeep safaris and other news from Mole NP

  1. kwame says:

    Please Ibrahim with tel. no. 0272538455 is not a guide in mole and does not operate from mole motel premises. Please advise visitors to always transacts or get information from the Park tour Guides at the Mole information centre.

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