Various updates from Helga

I just returned from a 3 month period in Ghana. I would like to express my gratitude for the Bradt travel guide. It was a great asset to carry!!

To help improve your guide, I would like to make a few comments.

–          The prices you mention in the guide are in general too low. The fuel prices have increased by 50% in January and that is the main reason for higher prices for almost everything.

–          The Coconut Grove Bridge House in Elmina is a good recommendation. It’s wonderful to be in the middle of the town’s bustle, have a great view at the castle & still don’t be harassed on the terrace of the hotel. The phone numbers in the guide are not correct. One number that does work is: +233-20-7125868. The price for my room was 55 Cedi, so the quoted dollar prices are too high.

–          The Butwaku traditional drum and dance ensemble in Elmina Castle doesn’t seem to exist anymore. I haven’t seen nor heard them in February and April and none of the locals could confirm their existence.

–          I can especially recommend the walking tour done by Felix of He has an office in the castle, next to the shop or can be reached on these numbers: +233-20-8159369 & +233-24-2176357. His walk through town is very informative and he is a very enthusiastic tour guide. I went to Elmina twice and took his walking tour both times!

–          Takoradi for me was the most friendly town in Ghana. No one harassed us, people were friendly and very helpful.

–          The widely praised Green Turtle Lodge in Akwidaa didn’t impress me at all. I tried making a reservation twice but didn’t receive any response to my text messages. Arriving to the lodge in the afternoon we met a very un-helpful staff member who told us there were no rooms available and didn’t offer any help to get other accommodation, not very comforting after the quite difficult trip there with public transport…. Fortunately I remembered from the Bradt Guide that there is a more up-market beach resort along the same beach, so we walked over the beach to Safari Beach lodge which did have available cabins. After all I was extremely happy because the Safari Beach Lodge is a wonderful place to spend some days!

–          I think the description “the hike to the upper falls is more arduous” for the upper fall in Wli (Volta Region) is not adequate. The 6 hour hike (from lower fall to upper fall, taking a loop on the rim back to town) was the most strenuous hike I ever made in my life. As I put on twitter it makes the Bright Angel trail in the Grand Canyon look like a lazy afternoon walk! Parts are so steep that you actually have to climb your walking rod to get up. I would advise only very fit and sportive persons to do this hike.

–          We really enjoyed our visit to Adanwomase, a kente weaving village close to Kumasi. The walking tour through town was very enjoyable and the community project is successful, we didn’t feel pressured to buy kente cloth after the tour and were only met by very friendly locals.

Again I would like to thank you for your great work. It made my trip to Ghana easier and more enjoyable to have Bradt at hand!


One thought on “Various updates from Helga

  1. chris scott says:

    Re last comment on Adanwomase kente village: Helga is bang on-a great experience. Ntonsu, the nearby adinkra village, gets rave reviews too from the Four Villages Inn guests we send there. Avoid Bonwire at all costs-see review entitled “Bad news from Bonwire” written by unfortunate traveler Kei.

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