Updates for northern Ghana

Bongo: this lovely village is about 30 minutes from Bolga. When I arrived at the taxi park a man came to meet me and explained that it is customary to first greet the chief. So I did this and the chief was very friendly and welcoming. He assigned his son to accompany me to Bongo rock which was great as the path is very difficult to see in places. The views over the savannah were amazing, as were the baobab trees,

Bolgatanga: Swad restaurant is actually called Swap. The food was good and staff friendly. Sand Gardens hotel is very nice, but my room was very hot indeed even with the fan. The restaurant staff were not especially helpful but the receptionist was very friendly.

Getting to Mole: I went to the Metro Mass bus station and was told that I should arrive at 6am to get a ticket for the bus that leaves at 1pm, although today I was there at 2.30 and the bus had not yet arrived.


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