Aburi, Kumasi & Kokofrom updates

Kofofrom: the cooperative is very interesting. Ernest will show you how the brass moulds are made and then invite you to purchase something in the shops. If you are at all interested in local crafts it is very interesting and the final products are beautiful.

Aburi: Olyander’s Hotel is very friendly. The owner will make sure that you have a good stay there. When the power goes off so does the water but he will provide a bucket full for you, or turn on the generator so that you can use the shower.

Aburi: the craft stalls along the main Accra road offer a huge selection of high quality crafts. You can also see them being made. The prices are reasonable and the hassle value is almost nil.

Kumasi: The Adae festival was on April 3rd and was fantastic. If you get a chance to attend the next one (in 6 weeks) make sure you go.


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