Kakum Monkey Forest Resort

I visited Kakum national park this morning and had a wonderful time on the canopy and on a forest trail. The canopy costs 30 Cedi’s and the walk was 15. On the canopy I was in a group of about 50 but for the trail it was only me. My guide, Stephen, was great. Afterwards I visited the Monkey Forest Resort and was shocked at the state of the cages that the animals are living in. I hate zoos and despite the owner telling me that this was not a zoo it seemed remarkably like one. She argued that the animals are rescued and eventually released into the forest. In the meantime however, they live in tiny bare cages. I couldn’t leave fast enough. Hans Botel is great – live music, pool, crocodiles in the lake! great food.



One thought on “Kakum Monkey Forest Resort

  1. Marc says:

    Hi Christine,

    Nice to see that we have done exactly the same trip.
    However i feel quite differently opposed to your opinion.
    The canopy walk and the forest trail were very nice and relaxing however the total of 45 Cedi’s is remarkable high espescially knowing that the average ghanaian person earns about 3 to 4 Cedi’s a day! i felt that was not right and that they were simply exploiting the ‘obruni’s’
    My trip to Monkey Forest Resort made up for the financial experience at Kakum.
    The way i see it the 8 Cedi’s i was asked was a small price to pay for the savier of those animals who get caught by the locals and otherwise be killed if not bought by this couple.
    The couple clearly do the best they can with the very limited funds they have. The love and care that they showed for their animals (some monkey’s sleep with them in their bed!!!) was absolutely heartwarming! From my side they get two thumbs up for what they are doing and i definitly donated more then the asked amount!
    Hans Botel is indeed a very nice place to stay although at the time we were there we were the only guests and therefore no live music at all. Apart from that the staff were very friendly!


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