Byblos Hotel, Accra

Thanks for this great guidebook!

Anyway, I must make one comment: Please erase the Byblos hotel in the next edition.
Stayed there for one night, a friend confirmed a rate of 50 USD. The room was not really clean, the window did not shut, the AC was broken and the bathroom made me feel very uncomfortable. But it was late and I went to bed.
Just to wake up a few hours later from itches. Bedbugs!!
I checked out the next morning and was prompted with a bil of 65 USD, no manager to speak with.
My only, but really unpleasant hotel experience in Ghana… Nasty rip-off…
Joska Lodge (just to pick one) has a similar good location in Osu, decent and clean rooms and for about 40 Cedi you even get breakfast.

Also, the W.E.B. Dubois Center has a guesthouse that is a little further away but very cozy, clean, safe and cheap.




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